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Eight Contemporary Chinese Artists at The Ringling Museum

Li Wei (1970-) Li Wei Falls to the Earth, 2012, 120x212 cm, C-Print, Courtesy of the artist.

Li Wei (1970-) Li Wei Falls to the Earth, 2012, 120x212 cm, C-Print, Courtesy of the artist.

Sarasota. “Seeing the Unseen” opened at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art on Aug. 14. The show was curated by Dr. Fan Zhang, the Wall-Apelt associate curator of Asian art, and features photographic and video works by eight renowned Chinese artists, including Cao Fei, Li Wei, Wang Qingsong and Miao Xiaochun. Reflecting the artistic innovations of our media age, their works provide a fresh view of China’s rapidly changing socio-cultural landscape.

The artists featured in the exhibition explore different approaches, subjects and styles while mixing aesthetic ideas, cultural expressions and commercial inspiration in their works. They use art photography and video to tackle issues of identity and experience, youth culture and urban development, history and memory, and the conflicts of tradition and commercialization in contemporary China.

“Seeing the Unseen” includes a performance by the well-known visual artist Li Wei on Nov. 17. Li often mixes performance and installation with photography, showing gravity-defying activities. He has gained global acclaim for his “Fall” series of photographs, which depict him embedded in the street with his feet facing up or half-way submerged in a lake. Li’s latest works include the ongoing “Fly” series, which he has recently performed at the Grand Palais in Paris and over the Piazza San Marco in Venice. “Seeing the Unseen” is on view through Feb. 28, 2015.

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