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Brenda Hope Zappitell: A Journey of Gestures

Boca Museum of Art continues its tradition to present artists living and working in Florida with a selection of works by Brenda Hope Zappitell. Through “A Journey of Gestures,” the Delray Beach-based artist shares abstract expressionist works inspired by her travels, life experiences, role as a mother of three, and above all else, her meditations. For her, meditation conjures a different image: a vision of broad color, sweeping lines and gestures, and deeply resonate emotions. Zappitell enrolled in the Boca Raton Museum of Art School in 1991, after earning her Juris Doctorate from the Univeristy of Miami Law School a year before. Despite, she continued to practice law for five years, extended her art studies for nearly a decade before going to study at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico.

Zappitell’s paintings have been exhibited at group and solo shows in New York, New Orleans, Palm Beach, and more in the past six years. “My paintings emerge from the emotion I feel in the moment my brush touches a blank surface,” Zappitell says. “I am a very physical and spontaneous painter. Moving back and forth with decisive brush strokes and dynamic gestures, I work rapidly to capture that ephemeral feeling in tangible form.” Through August 23, 2015.

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