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Joelle Dietrick: Cargomobilities

For MOCA’s “Project Atrium” series, Tallahassee-based painter Joelle Dietrick produced a multilayered mural of paint and adhesive fabric to discuss about the interconnectedness of macro economies and micro systems. Fascinated with geolocation data for cargo ships and shipping containers, the artist employs a glitch art aesthetic that allows her to analyze, recode, manipulate, and visualize data into a pulsating scene of cranes, cargo ships, and houses. Like the frenzied pace of information flow at the Jacksonville Port Authority (JaxPort), “Cargomobilities” is a continuous, rapid, networked, and energy-dense temporary painting.

“Cargomobilities” begins as an intensive computer-based research project in the artist’s studio and then results in an equally laborious application of paint and adhesive material on the gallery’s walls. To start, Dietrick analized years of data from larger informational technology (IT) systems, such as the housing market from 2005 to 2015 and geolocation data for cargo ships. In doing so, she finds inspiration in their complex data patterns. She transforms the failures of said systems into an abstract environment of houses, shipping containers, and cranes. As the layered forms are suggestive of the physical scale of these economies, the images’ wall placement echoes the complicated IT patterns and glitches as well as the reverberations of one market crash onto the other. Through October 25, 2015

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