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Cecilia Lueza: Visual Testimonies

Cecilia Lueza with her installation Froher Garten

Cecilia Lueza with her installation Froher Garten

By Denise Colson

Cecilia Lueza’s oeuvre carries an implicit message that mixes mysticism and earthliness. She has been able to interweave all aesthetic and pictorial dimensions, leaving for posterity a humanistic testimony.

She started studying fine arts at a very young age and she graduated from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina) in the mid-1990’s. In 1999, this artist moved to Miami, where she worked with the master Pérez Celis, from whom she not only received technical knowledge but also learned the important lesson of commitment and surrender to the creative act.

In addition to the undeniable influence of Pérez Celis, her work has also been impacted by the oeuvre of Gustav Klimt, Goya, Bacon, and the Argentinians, Ernesto Deira and Carlos Alonso. Throughout her career, she has intensely explored a wide range of artistic media, from traditional media like painting, drawing, and sculpture- in wood, metal, polyurethane, and ceramic- to much more recent resources, like digital art.

Cecilia Lueza confesses that she is particularly motivated to work on large-scale projects that demand greater surrender and dedication. Above all, she is interested in public arts projects. Once she established residency in the United States, her work underwent a change; she began exploring new materials and her creations were able to surpass the boundaries of two-dimensionality to transcend to the three-dimensional. They overcame the limits of the frame and the gallery, integrating themselves into the landscape and urban space, taking over public spaces and becoming part of daily life and people’s consciousness. Of note among her public arts works is the sculpture Landing, which shows a little girl who appears willing to take flight and whose body forms a gradient of red and yellow fire tones. The piece, which dates back to 2004, has traveled to various locations, from Key West to New York. It can presently be found at the Albin Polasek Museum in Winter Park, Florida.

Cecilia Lueza. Somewhere in Time, 2009, oil and acrylic on canvas, 24” x 18.”

Her current works stylistically combine abstract and figurative elements, resulting in pieces indebted to the language of graphics arts and design. Although she prefers to define her style as surrealist, I believe it has many elements that link it to Expressionism in the recurrent and unrestrained usage of the degraded primary colors that make up her palette; and also with Op Art, in pieces loaded with lines that produce a sensation of movement at a visual level.

Lueza is currently working on her upcoming exhibition, “Dual Nature,” that will include painting, works on paper, and sculpture. “Dual Nature” will be exhibited at the Ormond Art Museum and from there it will travel to the Tampa Art Museum. The final touches have also been added to an ambitious interactive sculpture project consisting of an illuminated sculpture containing a fiber optic system activated in accordance with the frequency and intensity of sound. The piece, which will be installed at the Arts and Innovation Center in Rockville, Maryland, will change color and intensity in accordance with the background sound.

Cecilia Lueza has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Minneapolis, Denver, Washington D.C., Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Palm Beach, Buenos Aires, Punta del Este, Mexico City, San Juan, Madrid, and Paris. Her oeuvre can be found in the collections of the Bass Museum of Art in Miami and the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami. At this time, her work is being shown at Donna Gordon Fine Art in Tampa Bay as part of the group show, “It’s No One You Know. The Portrait as Collectible Art.”

Cecilia Lueza is represented by the galleries Donna Gordon Fine Art (Tampa Bay) and Karina Paradiso Arte Contemporáneo (Buenos Aires, Argentina). For more information visit, www.lueza.com

Denise Colson is an art critic and writer based in Miami, Florida.