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Project Europa: Imagining the (Im)possible

Susan Hefuna, Egyptian/German, b. 1962, SEE, 2006, wood and ink, 55.12” x 78.74”

Harn Museum of Art - University of Florida

February 7 - May 9, 2010

The Harn Museum of Arts at the University of Florida in Gainesville is presenting “Project Europa: Imagining the (Im)possible” from February 7 - May 9, 2010.

“Project Europa” considers the relationship of art to democracy in Europe. In 1989, the expansion and unification of Europe was conceived as a vital and urgent social project to promote democracy and sustain cultural differences. Now in the 20th anniversary year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, artists in the exhibition question the promise and potential of Europe’s democratic dream. The works featured in the exhibition, which include large-scale wall paintings, photography, and video by 20 artists from Turkey to the British Isles, explore the complex and subtle relationship between art and politics. At the same time, the reflection on Europe provides an opportunity for American audiences to reconsider and reinvigorate our understanding of democracy at home.

Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. SW 34th Street and Hull Road.?Gainesville, FL, 32611. www.harn.ufl.edu

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