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Lorna Otero: Contemporary Families in Miami

“Contemporary Families in Miami: A Photo Album,” is an interactive project that explores the concept of family in current times. It has been conceived by Puerto Rican artist Lorna Otero, who uses her talent and experience as a theatre and television producer to construct a tree in one of the Frost Art Museum’s galleries. The leaves of the tree feature dozens of photographs of South Florida families engaged in daily meals, family outings and other shared routines. To create the leaves, Otero encouraged Miami residents to submit photographs featuring family interactions and activities. Conceived as an ongoing project, the exhibition allows visitors to take photos inside the gallery. Today, when the demands of contemporary life decrease “family time,” this project strives to create and capture the essence of family moments within the walls of the museum. With this presentation at the Frost Art Museum, the project begins a journey through different cities with the purpose of increase and diversify this collection of photographs. This exhibition also includes Otero’s interpretations and appropriations of famous female artists and their struggles to meet societal and familial expectations. This latest photographic series includes such artists as Marietta Robusti, Lavinia Fontana, Mary Stevenson Cassatt, Lilly Martin Spencer and Leonora Carrington. Through August 30, 2015.

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