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Who’s Who in Cuban Contemporary Art

Who’s Who in Cuban Contemporary Art is a project of Artium Publishing, a publishing house based in Miami and specializing in art publications. This book will provide an insight into Cuban art produced as much on as off the island. Its pages will display a panorama of the Cuban visual arts from 1960 to the present time. Who’s Who in Cuban Contemporary Art will be an up-to-date compendium that will include both artists residing in Cuba and those forming part of the worldwide diaspora. The first part of the book includes a collection of essays written by prominent researchers and art critics who have delved into the subject matter. These essays provide a panoramic view of each of the aforementioned decades. Also included are texts on art of the Cuban diaspora and its insertion and evolution in the international art scene. The second part of the book consists of a catalogue that includes all Cuban artists, whose works were produced from 1960 until now. The third part of the book includes a current list of institutions related to Cuban contemporary art within and outside of Cuba: galleries, museums, foundations, art schools, research centers, cultural and exhibition complexes, among others.

The debut of this book occurs at a moment when Cuban art is a focus of interest for collectors, curators and art critics throughout the world. The reestablishing of relations between Cuba and the United States in December 2014 has once again directed the eyes of the art world toward Cuba, continuing the path opened by the Havana Biennial in the decade of the 1980s.

Who’s Who in Cuban Contemporary Art will be a required reference tool for curators, gallerists, art dealers, museum professionals, researchers, university academics and collectors.  The aim of this book is not only to facilitate the promotion of works created by the artists included in it, but also to encourage the emergence of other projects: academic, investigative, curatorial, publishing, etc. The presentation of this volume is scheduled for 2016.

Artium Publishing is a publishing house specializing in art publications founded by José Lopez Niggemann and Raisa Clavijo, who since 2009 have directed and edited the magazines ARTPULSE and ARTDISTRICTS. Its mission is focused on the editing, printing and distribution of publications on the visual arts, design, architecture, literature and culture in general.

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