ARTDISTRICTS was born in August 2009 as a Florida publication focused on promoting the visual arts. With this magazine, our organization continues along the path we embarked in 2007 with WYNWOOD, The Art Magazine, which in 2009 split into two publications: ARTDISTRICTS and ARTPULSE.

ARTDISTRICTS supports the local and regional art scenes with up-to-date articles, interviews, reviews, news and calendars covering the most significant events and exhibitions.

Every two months, a new issue of ARTDISTRICTS is available at galleries, museums, art centers, and artist studios throughout Florida; it is also distributed in up-scale hotels and condominiums. ARTDISTRICTS is an invaluable reference for residents and visitors.

Director/Publisher: José E. López

Editor: Raisa Clavijo

Contributors: Daniel A. Brown, Tom Hall, Heike Dempster, Veron Ennis, Jenifer Mangione-Vogt, Irina Leyva-Perez, Claire Breukel, Margery Gordon, Cara Despain, Milagros Bello, Ashley Knight, Janet Batet, Joaquin Badajoz, Tracy Kerscher, Sophie Annie Videment, Rafael López-Ramos, Bryan Barcena, Tamar Mitchell, Adriana Herrera, Denise Colson, Carolina Márquez, Othón Castañeda, Dennys Matos, Claire Fenton, Shana Beth Mason, Irene Sperber, Dan Johnson, Suzanne Cohen, and Veronica Bouza.